Explore here all solutions for dressing up your interior wall. Decorative stone, decorative brick, ethnic tiles, ceramic tiles, duropolymer skirtings, profiles, all our collection is here for you. We just want to make sure that you can make your choice among unique, beautiful and functional solutions. Enjoy!

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  • Ethnic

    To all of you that always search for originality, we have news: We do exactly the same! We constantly search for original, beautiful, unique materials that is hard to make and difficult to find. This is our passion, and we hope we can share with you. This is the primary joy of what we do. Have a look and dont hesitate to contact us and ask for more.

  • Decorative brick

    Bring in your personal style by dressing your walls up! Warm and welcoming, brick makes a statement of style and fashion in your interior.

    You can choose the most appealing to your persona, among numerous articles of color, shape, dimension and composition. Installing brick on your wall is a job that last a couple of days and has a dramatic difference in your room. 

  • Decorative stone

    Noble and rich, decorative stone gives a nostalgic wall effect that complies to traditional and modern interiors. It is an absolutely fabulus complement for your exteriors, giving a primary wall protection against water, besides with a perfect look. 

    You can choose among jointless pieces, which are quite simple to install, or irregular decorative stone, that gives a unique rustic outcome.

  • Glassblocks
  • Profiles

    Wall profiles decorates and protects surfaces, creating refined combinations or pleasant contrasts depending on the chosen upholstery. If applied to the outer corners, profiles effectively and permanently protect the area of the most stressed and shock exposed areas, while the interior angles become an effective link between the floor and wall.

  • Duropolymer

    Are you looking for that perfect skirting board to give your interior that finishing touch? A stylish skirting board that hides your ugly cables discretely? Or a cover skirting strip to quickly camouflage your old skirting boards? 

    A skirting board is an elegant connection between the floor and the wall. But skirting boards do so much more. They add character to your interior, can visually raise the ceiling, are a convenient way to cover a messy seam between the wall and the floor.

  • Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
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Showing 1 - 6 of 82 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 82 items